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Nokia Makes Android Debut in India

The Nokia's Android based Smartphone will come with Microsoft Services.

Nokia Android Smartphone

On Monday launched Nokia's 1st ever Smartphone based on Android OS in the Market just for only Rs.8599 only.Except this soon another Two more device are going to introduce in few months Known as NOKIA X+ and NOKIA XL.


Nokia X has Dual SIM 4 inch device, and the processor from which it is powered by a 1 GHz dual core qualcomm Snapdragon processor.
Design is TILE based,with 512 MB RAM, 32 GB expandable memory, 3 MP Camera and 1500 mAH battery.

Nokia's Indian Managing Director MR. P. BALAJI said "India is one of the fastest growing Market for Smartphones in the world. With the launch of Nokia X we are adding another ammunition to our Smartphones Gallery.We believe that Nokia X is a unique combination of Nokia quaktiy and experiencing, Microsoft services and Android Apps.

While the Nokia is based on Android Open Platform, Nokia X users will not be able to get access to the Google Android App Market known as GOOGLE Playstore. But they can get this app by any third-party Market and Microsoft App Store.

Many people would be thinking that the introduction of Nokia X will ruin the Business of ASHA and LUMIA production.
But MR. BALAJI said that no it will not ruin because "ASHA, LUMIA and NOKIA X are three different Offering.

"While the price of this other ASHA and LUMIA will fall with the Entry of NOKIA X in Global Market with time. This Phones have their different features.