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Sunday, 22 June 2014

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FIFA World Cup 2014 Marketing [ Infographic ]

FIFA World Cup 2014 is on Fire this Summer and 2 top teams are out of this World Cup one is Spain "Championship Defender" and England. But still One thing which is still in presence is 2014 World Cup Marketing. FIFA World Cup is a game which is not only on Field but on Social Media also. 
FIFA World Cup 2014 Social Marketing

What will You know :-

  • Marketing opportunity and Strategy
  • All Hot Topics and Trends
  • How to Achieve Social Stardom
Have a look Below on

FIFA World Cup 2014 Marketing  Infographic:

FIFA World Cup 2014 Marketing [ Infographic ]

I guess it would help you in planning your blogging Strategy.
Do share and Comment if you want to know something more about FIFA World Cup Social Marketing Strategy.
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Sunday, 15 June 2014

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How to Use Google Plus for Marketing [ Infographic ]

Do you know There are 150 Million Active users on Google Plus, and 50 percent of Google Plus Users Log In daily. So it's is another Social Network after Facebook you can't Ignore. It's is not so popular like Facebook, Twitter but for Bloggers and Webmasters Google+ is a necessary equipment, as it have a great impact on Search Engine Ranking in a positive way.

How to Use Google Plus for Marketing

What you will learn 

  • How to Use Google plus for Marketing
  • Why Use Google+
  • What Google+ can do for your business
  • Ways to Share on Google+
  • How to Boost Business on Google Plus
  • Why Google+ is best for Search Engine Optimization

Simple ways to use Google plus effectively are :-

1. Authorship :-  It is great way to show who is the person behind the blog to show case on Search Results.

2. Drive Quality Traffic :-  By creating an effective Google+ Profile you can drive traffic by sharing content on your wall and communities.

3. Relationship Marketing :-  By Using Google+ Hangout we can connect with our clients and fans which helps you gain trust.

Here it is 

How to Use Google Plus for Marketing Infographic

How to Use Google Plus for Marketing
At Last Google+ is a tool whether you like it or hate it you have to use it, because it is a Google product
As Google is the most popular and world top ranked site, it will surely help your business by boosting revenue. Even it help you to get organic search results.

Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

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Saturday, 14 June 2014

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CouponzGuru Review - Free Coupons and Deal for You


A Famous Indian E-Commerce Website who provides Free Coupons and deals for Online Shopping. Here is our Quick review of quick loading

CouponzGuru  Logo

As we all know as Modern Generation are getting more addicted to web world, they want everything in front of them, Similarly they started Shopping online which became trend. Here comes the role of CouponzGuru , it make Online Shopping affordable by providing Free Discount Coupons. They provides Coupons for almost every famous Shopping sites like Myntra, Jabong,Amazon etc. which includes a wide variety of products like Clothing and Shoes, Mobiles, Electronic Gadgets, Travels and Restaurant Coupons absolutely free.

How to Get CouponzGuru Discount Coupons

Let's Start i want to buy a Laptop and so what normally you guys will do is 

>> Open and in Search Box you will type "Latest Laptops of XYZ Company".
>> And What you see is their Prize are like Rs.47800 or something else with no discount or a very small discount like  2-3 %.

And What I do 

CouponzGuru Review - Free Coupons and Deal for You
  • Select Online Shopping Coupons Tab there you will find Mobiles and Electronic
  • You will Find CouponzGuru also provide discount coupons for Amazon India, Homeshop18 etc. select your desired site i selected CouponzGuru Amazon India .
  • There i found my Perfect deal see in picture below >>
Couponzguru Review Discount code for Laptops
  •  Then Click on Activate the Deal 
  • You will be taken to the Amazon site which will show the Discount as in picture below.
CouponzGuru Review Laptop Deal

  • And then Do the payment as you we normally now.
What are you waiting for Go and Grab your free Coupon at CouponzGuru.

Why I Prefer CouponzGuru from Other

  • Their Website is Quick Loading so even if my Browsing speed is low i didn't need to wait.
  • They offer Email Subscription which mail me latest coupons and deal to Inbox so i didn't need to check every-time.
  • They are on Facebook | Twitter | Google + , So even using social sites i get their details of new offer available.

My Final Views on CouponzGuru

Couponzguru is a nice and unique concept,as an Indian E-Commerce Website so they know our Requirement and relevant deals on products. So CouponzGuru is for those who want to save Money for further use.
Let me know what is your Experience with Couponzguru in Comment below.

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What is Guest Blogging? and What Are It's Benefits?

Hello everybody.
This is my second post on World Tech Buzz. Here i came up with a great post i.e. " What is Guest Blogging? and What Are It's Benefits? "

What will you Learn in this article :-

  • What is Guest Posting ?
  • How to Make it quality rich ? 
  • How to Make every webmaster accept your Guest Post ?
  • What are the Advantages of Guest Posting ?

How to Guest Post on High Authority Blogs

Many blogger do guest post just to promote their site. But in actually You do not need to create a number of guest posts just to promote your site. You can do so with multiple channels. You can also take benefit from social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn so on, you can use guest posting as a link building technique to create backlinks.

Read More :- How to Get More Blog Traffic
By Guest posting, traffic will automatically increase as well as you interact with a bigger circle. But there are only few posts that are accepted. But, Before going to read this article you've to know..

What is Guest Blogging?

Someone who posts an article on a blog that is not their own. Their incentive for doing so is getting backlinks to increase their own blog’s search engine ranking is called as Guest Blogging.
How to Guest Post on High Authority Blogs

There were many benefits to do guest blogging.. Benefits are like Backlinks, getting more traffic, It also gain you reputation, and it also gain your unique visitors per day.

I think Now... you have a cleared your mind that what exactly guest blogging is and it's benefits..

Now let's come to our next topic. that is...

How To Do Guest Blogging Correctly

1. Write Unique Content

To write article more unique you have to write in your own personal style. Always make your article by inserting more and more information that were collected by you. You can also insert some creative photos and videos that were give more understanding.

Your content should be trending and evergreen. To write good posts also needs a well research material. Always take some trending topics.

2. Connect with other bloggers

Guest blogging is not just about getting more click through to your website but it’s very more than that. It is also about getting more sales conversion and built a far greater circle of people who are most interested to your site.

Before you can even submit a post to publish, you should have to created good relationships with other bloggers. Always take a niche that is related to their niche.

like: worldtechbuzz has niche of tech and blogging then if any guest blogger want to submit their post then it could be of tech and blogging niche.

3. Always Use Right Keywords

Research for keywords and take time and effort to gather as specific keywords as possible to attract reader’s eye. Always taken keywords that were have low competition. Always use Long-tail keywords that attracts more readers.

Must Read: How To Do Keyword Research Using Google Search Engine

When search engines were crawl to your post, they get the title, headings, description and the keywords that are repeated or highlighted in the article.

Always use right keywords then it will be beneficial for you and also well for the search engines.

4. Conclusion

Guest blogging is now becoming more popular and a lot of bloggers are do this interesting thing. They also knowing that this would be helpful in getting more visitors to their sites.

Always Remember : There’s no shortcuts to be a successful guest blogger. Just do work honesty and believe in blogging. ;)

And Do share our post to your friends at Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

And if you want to submit a guest post for us then you can also send us my mailing me.
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Friday, 23 May 2014

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Get Do Follow Backlinks From Wikepedia and Others

As we all know Wikipedia is one of the Oldest, Biggest and Authorative Site on Internet. You will Hardly any term on Google Search of Wikipedia which Doesn't rank on Top 10 Results on Search Engines.

Get Do Follow Backlinks From Wikepedia

But How would you feel when You get many Do follow Backlinks from Wikipedia and from Other websites to.
This is a very Simple trick which i used to Build Backlinks from High Page Rank Website to my World Tech Buzz which result in Increased Traffic and High Search Engine Ranking.

Why Do Follow Backlinks From Wikipedia Is Important ?

Wikipedia is a Big Authority Website and Google Trust incoming as well as outgoing links so they are much more of worth than any other simple Backlinks from Guest Posting or Backlinks from Comments.

Reason Why Google Trust more to Wikipedia is because they have real moderators who review the Links.
If you get link from Wikipedia then there are more chances that other sites will also use your links as reference which led you to increase in Traffic.

 Things You Need to Know Before

  • What are Wikipedia Dead Links ?
  • What are the Advantage of Broken Link Building?
  • How to Find Dead Links ?

What are Wikipedia Dead Links

Wikipedia is also like other website which have many broken links all over the websites, Due to its vast size of site there are so many i should say endless amount of Broken links.
According to Wikipedia, Dead Links means that links which is no more active.
For the SEO's and Webmaster when "Dead Links" is present on Wikipedia they use it as an opportunity to get a Do follow backlinks from Wikipedia i.e is a Quality Backlink.
There is a Page on Wikipedia which has a list of every dead links that need to be updated

Advantage of Broken Link Building

It is a White Hat Link Building technique which is use to create backlinks by scouring the web world for Broken links.
As soon as you find some broken links, email the site owner that with the problem along with an relevant page from your blog relevant to that topic, So that site owner can easily update those broken links.
By this way both the Site owner as well as you also win as you got a backlink and the site owner had fixed his broken link.
It consume a lot of time and most of the people will not invest in finding broken links on other website.

But if you combine above both step to find dead links on Wikipedia and build that broken link than surely you will be getting high page rank.

How to Find Dead Links and Use Broken Link Building for Wikipedia

You can easily do this with the of Goggle Search Engine by using a Search Query “Keyword phrase” “dead link”

Lets take an Example, if i own a blog for Samsung android phone

1.  I will use this search query “Samsung android phone” “dead link”

2. You will find some bunch of pages on Samsung Android Phones which contains dead links, Open any one of the page that is relevant to your blog.

3.  Then Press Control+ F and type there dead link
4. In Reference section you will find links which need update. Wikipedia would like to update those link with the relevant link so you can do it for them and if  any of your blog page link is relevant to those links than you can update.

Now the Main Problem how to find is my blog page link is relevant to that broken page link or not

Follow this simple step :-

It will show how the page used to look before that was taken down, read that content see if it is related to your website or not.
If not then again go back to Search and find another.
  • After you found a broken link update it by Joining wikipedia
  • Now Go to Ahrefs or Majestic SEO sign up there so that you can get much more information.
  • Enter the URL of that broken link there to review all the webpages that is linking to it.Ensure that there are 30 or more that 30 backlinks to that so that it worth.
  • Now update your page or post to make it related to the content of broken link which is used to be there before
  • Create the list of Website which are linking to that broken links
Now its time to notify those website which are linking to that broken link.
Use Contact page or Try to find email address of site owners of those sites 
Then write a mail like this below 

Subject: Broken Link on [website name]
Hi [insert webmaster name],

I’m a big fan of your site! I found a broken link the other day and wanted to let you know about it.
The page where the link appears is [insert url] and the anchor text is [insert anchor text].

The broken URL is [insert broken url].
I found a similar page that even has a link from Wikipedia if you want to update the link.
[your website url]
Keep up the excellent work! Thanks!

[your name]

And Do make sure that you insert some of your thought so that it should not look like copy pasting which will increase your chance of success.
I hope you enjoyed reading the Article on How to Get Do-Follow Backlinks from Wikipedia and many others. Don't hesitate to comment your views and if it work for you than don't forget to share on Social Sites.
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Friday, 16 May 2014

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4 Ways to Increase Adsense Earning

As soon as i got to know How to Get Google Adsense Approved, from that day i had worked hard to get traffic to my blog and started writing some quality content and in 3 days i got my adsense approved. I had monetized my blog using Adsense Ads for a long time and i made whooping $15 in 2 months thats is very less i know but that was my 1st earning in with Adsense. And over few days i had moved to another methods of Making Money Online like Direct Sponsors, Affiliate marketing etc. 
 Ways to Increase Adsense Earning

                          Then again in few days as i don't find anything better than Google Adsense I switched back to Adsense. After that i had applied some new tricks to Triple my Adsense Income and really it works.

In this Article Today i will share what are those tricks which helped to Triple my Google Adsense Income.

1. Place Ad units above the Fold

At beginning i had place one ad unit of dimension 336x280 in my right Sidebar it worked good but not that better i wanted to. After than i had placed ads between the end of post and comments section but there also the result were not that much i was expecting.
           At last i had placed the ad unit above the fold and below the post title, and the result were amazing the CTR increased a lot there. And if you want to make Money from Google Adsense than you should place one ad unit there.

2. Focus On Organic Traffic

In the beginning as soon as i got approved adsense account at that time i was getting my traffic from social media like Facebook, Twitter and mostly amazing traffic from Reddit. But 1 day when i also visited my blog from social media i found that the ads were irrelevant so why anyone would click and at the same time when i came up to my blog from Google Search Engine i found that ads are related to the Topic i was searching for which increases the chance of Click on Google Ads.
           That Why Event Niche blogging is quite popular Learn How to make Money from Event Niche Blogging
                      So try to drive traffic from Search Engine which directly increases your chance of getting more clicks on Ads.

3. Start using Adsense For Feeds

One day i decided to do something unique, i had used Adsense in Feeds also but i have less subscribers on that time on my blog but the result were good and "Something is better that nothing". So i had monetized my feeds also.

And if you don't have subscription box try to create a one using RSS Feeds and install a one your blog and collect some subscribers by running any giveaway and you will get a lot of Subscriber even i got many subscriber after the 1st giveaway of Getting Alexa Pro for Free.

4. Try Testing ad units with Different colors and Fonts

As i had enabled both text and pictures Google adsense ads to show up on my blog i had tried to change the color and fonts for my Google ads and found an amazing result. What i did is match the color of Google ads to the color of theme which make it look its a content of my blog only which make users to click on it.
                Sometimes its doesn't work so what you have to do is track the CTR of your ads for a week if you found that performance decreased then try to change it again and track again the best way to get best of it is match it with your blog template.

5. Target High CPC Long Tail Keyword

To get High CPC keywords you must have to target HIGH CPC KEYWORDS. And to find those keywords you have to use some tools like Google Keyword Planner , Long Tail Keyword Pro. 
With the help of this tools you will find those keywords which have high CPC.

I hope this are the main points i consider to Increase my Google Adsense Income. If you have anything more do mention it in comments on How To Increase Google Adsense Income.

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