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Sunday, 6 April 2014

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GiveAway- Get Alexa Pro Version For Free

To get top Alexa rank is the Dream of many blogger fail due to which they can't get direct ads from Companies and loose some decent amount of Money.

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To get Top Alexa rank One need to Have is :-

1. Traffic
2. Regular Update of Blog
3. Guest Posting
4. Commenting on Other Blog
5. Certifying the Site with Alexa = Premium Feature

To certify your site you need to pay some dollars, because of this paid feature many leave it as it is, but they didn't know it helps in Increase in Alexa rank.

We are providing this feature for free only you have to do is Share this post,Subscribe with us and leave your email list, the link where you shared this post and email to which i will mail you the way to do certify like mine
worldtechbuzz site certified by alexa

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Saturday, 22 March 2014

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How to Install Alexa Widget on Blogs

There is no need to explain what means Alexa ranking each and every Blogger or who owns Website know about it. To get a better 4 figure Alexa rank is the dream of many even me too.
How to Install Alexa Widget to Blog and Websites

Today i am writing this post for those who want to install Alexa widget on your blog, many doesn't even know installing Alexa widget in your blog can also decrease Alexa rank.

Let me explain what Alexa actually is Alexa is a Web information company which gives you the information of your desired Website, like the Global rank of that Website or the rank of that website which it originally belongs.

Many Direct advertisers Check our Alexa rank, Search Engine Optimization services, Google Page Rank , Even Traffic or audience quality of Audience etc.So lets Install with this simple steps :-

1. Go to

2. After that Enter the URL of your Website and Click on Build Widget.
How to Install alexa widget to blogs and Websites

3. Copy the Code you get of your desired size you want.

4. Now Go to Blogger >> Go to Layout >> then click on add a gadget where you want to add>>Then select HTML JavaScript >> and Paste the code you copied.

5. Then Save it, now check your Blog.

You can Check our Alexa rank below we are under TOP 12 lakhs.
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