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Friday, 11 April 2014


How to Earn Money Online For College Students

Many of reading this Post are either bloggers or they are in Search of ways they can Earn Money Online. All have a Dream to Get Approved by Google AdSense and Make a huge Some Money through it but it is never easy to Earn Money Online from it even if you get Approved by Google AdSense, Reason are LOW CPC ADS, LOW CTR and You may get blocked through it easily without any Genuine Reason.

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How to Make Money Online ?

Here is the Answer if you want to make money but you are not having any blog, So you are thinking what to do know, But you can earn even if you don't have. You just required two things to earn money online:-

1. Verified PAYPAL Account
2. Facebook Account or Any Social Media for Driving Traffic.

Shorten Links

You have heard about this Things before and even some of us have also tried this but they have not get anything in the end and failed to earn Money Online, but this is genuine way in which you can earn Money Online and can  See the Payment proof from Searching through Google about Shorten Links. Even we have One proof of Blog Beatz here with us You can see his Dashboard Account Below
How to Earn Money Online For College Students

You Guys are thinking how Blog Beatz made $70 in just 20 Days,This is the another side way in which Blogbeatz earn Money Online.
Know  How :-

>> 1st of all Signed Up with URL Shortneing Website that is Shortlink

>> Then Join Some Huge and Active groups who are ready to visit something they like.

>> Then Find some Unique and interesting article ,Videos, Music , Software, Stories anything according to audience find it and shorten it links using ShortLinks.

>> At Last Share the shorten links as much as click on that link you get you will be earning more and more.

According to Us >> It is the best Shorten link and sharing tool to earn more as its paying around $1.30 per 1000 visits and this way we can Earn Money Online.

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It Have Many Advantage like

>> 5 Minimum payout

>> Trust-able and genuine Website

>> Moderate CPM and Click  Value

Now you can also Earn money Online like Blog Beatz  :-

Sign Up Here

If you have any problem in earning money online using this or face any problem related to this article you can ask in comments we are ready to solve your Earning Money Online Problem here and Do share if you liked it.
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Monday, 7 April 2014

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How to Make Money With Event Based Niche Blog In Less than a Week

Hi Guys, This is a Case study on How my Friend Imran Uddin owner of All Tech Buzz has made $2000 in less than a week. He created a event based niche blog the event he targeted was New Year and it really rocked his new year. The best thing about his event based blog is he didn't had to work on the New Year Eve but he has done and completed his job the day before the eve.
He made $1500 from Google AdSense and over $500 via sales of his Blogging Coaching.

What are Event Based Niche Blog ?

Simply Event Based Niche Blogs are the Blog which are focused on any upcoming event like Valentines Day, New Year, Mothers Day, any event it can be which is celebrated all over the world.

Imran and His friend has Done the work on Event based blog.

How to Make Money With Event Based Niche Blog In Less than a Week

How He Started ?

1.  1st of all He has done some research on the events on Google which are highly Searched to drive best possible Traffic.He never tried to use any paid tool, for this research he only used his calendar and Google Keyword Planner.

2.  Secondly he started researching on Keywords which has huge no. of Searches and Low competitions. 

Finally he selected a Domain Name related to the niche is 

It's look quite easy to hear but actually it's very tough until and unless you do all the work exactly.

3.  Now Focus on the Title and Content of post, If you think getting exact matching Domain will work then you are Wrong, You need to optimize the Title and post content with Keywords so that it get Top rank on Google Search Engines.

Guide that will work for you :-

>> Always keep in Mind what people will Search on Google and then Choose the Title according to it.
>> Never Disappoint your reader with Low Quality Content.
>> Try to Mention the Year at every Post title of the Year of your event.
>> And Don't ever Forget to do Internal Linking.

Examples Likes >> Happy New Year 2014, Happy New Year HD Wallpapers, Happy Mothers Day wallpapers 

Content for this type of Blog Doesn't require any Experience or Knowledge, It only require your General Knowledge as most of the content is only the Images, Video and Gif Images etc.So i hope it is not the difficult Task.

4. Create Links from High Page Rank blogs and website, For this you need to create many Back-links to your blog and never ever Forget to Share it on Social Media, as this is the Most Crucial part.

5.Don't Forget to do both On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO, If you don't know How to SEO then you can hire a SEO expert , We can also provide some SEO experts if you want you can contact me anytime.

6. Now Monetization which is the Last Step and the Main Step without which you will not be able to make even a single penny. Monetize your Blog with Google AdSense , But if you are not able to get an approved account then you can try to for Info-links,, Chitika etc.

                                 How to Increase Google AdSense Income 

Note :-

>> Start the Work at least Before 1 month of the event as to ensure the work will be done at proper time.
>> Try to do it in Partnership with your Friends.
>> Use Blogger Platform as it is easy for newbie and the post on blogger platform are indexed faster than any other.
>> Don't take this lightly as this is new in the field of Blogging so everyone gonna try this, so do with dedications

If you find any Problem in this article or You wanted to suggest some changes in this then you can tell us in comments or Can mail me, If you liked it then Don't Forget to share it.
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Friday, 28 March 2014

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How To Get Google Adsense Approval Easily

Everybody knows that the best place to earn money online for Webmasters and Bloggers is through Google AdSense. Even many of the bloggers are making thousands of dollars from Google AdSense. As i m also a freshly introduced to blogging i also have the same thought to get an Goggle Adsense account and place Google ads and earn huge amount of Dollars. 

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But wait Its look very easy but actually its the toughest to earn money through Google Adsense, because it is the most hardest job to get an approved AdSense account. To get an approved Adsense account you should comply many terms and conditions, which is the most difficult job to do.

How To Get Google Adsense Approval Easily

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If you are thinking that you want to earn money through Google AdSense but not able to get an approved AdSense account, because you have low traffic, new blog or any other problem then i have a new trick for you guys. This is the Alternative way to get approved through Indyarocks.

How to Get Google AdSense Approval Easily ?

Follow this simple steps :- 

1. To get Google Adsense Account you need to have a blog or website, a Gmail account if you don't have a one than have a one because these are must required things to have a Google AdSense Account.

2. After you have got above two things then go to "" and create your account to get an approved Google AdSense. Fill all the required Information's.

3.  Fulfill some of the Terms and Conditions of " Indya Rocks " in order to get eligible for approved adsense account.
Conditions are as follows :-
  • Your Information must be 50% complete.
  • You must upload 10 pics which are not copyrighted i recommends to use personal pics.
  • Your profile privacy must be set to everyone.
  • You must post at least two blog post but they should be unique not to copy paste one.
If you follow this simple steps then i can assure that you will also have your approved Google Adsense account.

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If you suffer any problems you are free to ask either by mailing me or commenting here below

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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

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How To Increase Google AdSense Income With DFP

Learn about an Experiment which can raise the CPM of Google AdSense Ads unit, as you apply this change your Income increases.
How To Increase Google AdSense Income With DFP

I had run an experiment on Google Adsense for a month, and it has proved that this change has had a positive effect in increasing the CPM of that Ads where the changes had been made.

The Experiment was like this that :-

I had placed an Ad of 300 X 600 on this site above the Live Traffic Feed Widget which shows both Image and Text rich ads. The Ad Unit is enabled for placement Targeting so that advertisers can easily target this ad unit to display ad through this Google Adwords.

Suppose the Average CPM of that unit is $2 according to Google AdSense reports.
To get Higher CPM for that Ads, i created a simple rule that blocked the ads whose CPM are $2 or below $2.So Google AdSense Ads will only appear if its CPM is above $2 or about 20% higher than the current average value of CPM. If CPM was lower, an in house ad was displayed to audience instead of Google Ads.

This experiment is nearly live for 4 weeks and finally it helped in pushing the CPM of that ad unit.
Why ? the exact answer is still not known but probably because Google Ads now had to compete with others ads in order to show up on site and thus rising the CPM to outbid that other ad.

There is also an advantage that instead of showing those low CPM ads you can use that space to promote your own blog post, archive or anything that brings your audience an interest to visit more. Even you can use that ad place to show your old post for your new audience who have missed those post.

If you also want to try out this then you can Contact me or you can read Google DFP Tutorial or how you may serve other ads instead of Google Ads.Then Set an CPM threshold which is only 10% to 20% higher than the current one and run this experiment for 12-15 days. 

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How to Setup Google DFP for Selling Ads

DFP stands for DOUBLE CLICK FOR PUBLISHERS which helps you sell direct ads more effectively. This step by step guide will help you to get started with DFP.
How to Setup Google DFP for Selling Ads

Consider the following point which makes you come here :-

  • You use some ads showing networks like Google Adsense, Infolinks etc for serving ads, but you also like to recive direct ads from brands, agencies and other Direct advertisers.
  • You have partnered with multiple CPM ads agencies like Buysellads, Google Adsense, Tribal Fusion but would only like to show those ads which will pay you more.
  • You are using AdSense ads but with low CPM instead of that you want to show in house ads which will show your thinks or your ads, post , images etc.
  • You like to show ads based on some criteria like ads to the Visitors of India will be shown one set of ads while to U.S visitors you will show others ads etc.

Google DFP is the perfect solution for any of the above scenario. DFP is a free ad server which help you sell your ad space more effectively and help you maximizing the revenue you generate.

With the Help of DFP you can run any type of Ads like banner ads, text ads, flash ads, video ads etc.It requires only one tool Google Ad Manager which need not required any installation just it need is an Active Google AdSense account.

How To Sell Your Advertising Space With DFP ?

Follow this simple step by step guide :-

1. Create Ad units

How to create Ad units in DFP

We had to tell DFP all the ads space we are providing on our webpage. For this we would take the example of most popular blog Digital Inspiration own by Amit agarwal. He has created an ads of size 350 x 250 rectangle. This is standard size but you can choose your own custom.
        Go to DFP > Inventory > Ad units> New ad Units. Give a description which will help you identify it next time.You may check the option of Maximize revenue of unsold and remnant  inventory with AdSense. in case when Google offers more revenue when there is no direct ads to show.

Note :- Google adsense doesn't allow to open ads in new window but if you are using DFP then you can allow to open Google ads in new window.

2. Define Placement

How to Define Placement in DFP

If you have more than one ads in your web or blog then advertiser may want to show one or more ad units You can group this ads space with defining the placement of these ads that can be targeted by Advertisers.

Go to Inventory Tab > Placement > New Placements and add your ad space placement. Now check the option "Offer this Placement to Advertisers" through adwords to attract more advertisers. You have to carefully fill the Adsense section  because whatever you fill it will be visible to Advertisers.

3. Create An Order

How to Create Order in DFP

Now as you have created an Ad inventory now its time to get orders. The advertiser will specify where he wants to place the ads, what kind of ads and what will he pay for it. 

Go to DFP >  Order > New Order. Create a company for advertiser and fill order details under " New Line Items" Set the type Price priority if you want to show only highest paying ads to the visitors and then add targeting criteria. 

4. Upload Ad Creative 

How to Create Ad creative in DFP

Now upload the ad creative to your blog or web to be displayed. You can upload a image saying advertise here. 

Go to DFP > Line items and select "line items" that you have created in previous steps. Click on ad creative or either upload a image or an text ad like you see that Google Adsense.

5.  Get The Add Tags To your Website

Click inventory tab in DFP dashboard and choose "generate tags" select the ad unit you have created and then click on generate tags. Use Google Publisher Tags option from drop down menu and ad this code to your website Google DFP will begin showing this ads in 15 to 20 minutes.

If you have any problem you can ask in comments below. If you like this post then please share it and subscribe our newsletter. 

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Saturday, 15 March 2014

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Top 5 Android App that can earn Money

Everybody now have Smartphones and i think if he/she doesn't have then they have plans to buy them.But if you believe to run with current modern then Android Smartphones are the basic need of present time for daily life.

In these days people are seeking for ways that are genuine earn money online and how to earn money online without investments and in this run Smartphones are playing an important role.  But we lose this opportunities of making money online by playing games, text messaging, listening songs, clicking pics etc.

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There are many android smartphones apps that are used to earn real money. For this you need to do any hard work just what you had to do is see advertisements, pics and some videos etc.
how to earn money online without investments

Below i m listing Top 6 apps that you can also use to earn money. This Apps are very popular and many people from different different countries are using this.


Mint coins is one of the best and popular app that i use to make some Dollars. With Mint coins you can earn by completing simple task like downloading some apps, wathcing videos etc. It gives you good amount of money. Minimum Payout is $5 and it pays you through PAYPAL.

You can download it here :- MINT COINS


It is another popular and simplest one. You just need to do some simple tasks to make money like watching videos, registering on some websites and watching video ads.This one is the most entertaining app i assure that you will enjoy this.

You can download it here :- GET PAID TO PLAY


It is also popular app for making money online through smartphones. It will pay you for simple work like capturing pictures, giving reviews etc. It pays you $2 to $20 through paypal in 48 hours.

You can download it here :- Easyshift


This is the most amazing app and popular among users, which helps you make money Online through Smartphones. You just had to do is watch some videos and mention them on Facebook.All your earning will be paid to you through PAYPAL. If you refer someone to use this then you get 100 credits and 10% of their earnings.

You can download it here :- MOBILE REWARDS
Note :- This App is for iPhone Users.


This is an excellent app as this will pay you for filling some surveys and in reward you earn money. You will earn 1 for 100 points. Minimum payout is $5. Many Companies offer this type of offers but iPinion offers it to you to do this from your Smartphones.

You can Download it here :- iPINION

If you have more apps like this then mention this in comments we will update it in our post.
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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

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Easy Ways To Make Money On Internet

Now in Modern Days Internet Is not just limited to Porn and Video Games- We can Make money online through Internet also.
This Post is for those who have mailed me asking question likes

  • Can i Make Money Online Trading ?
  • Can i Make money Marketing ?
  • Can i make money from Surveys ?
  • Can i will be able to Make Money Online Without Investing ?

To all the above i will say yes you can make money Online through internet.Think of this Internet as a Giant Country Let us name Money Maker. Now you can make money through them as your Country Money Maker  audience will be seeking for valuable things here.

Here are some ways to Start You Off :-

1. Google Adsense

It is the Simplest and easiest way to make money online if you follow the simple Guidelines of Google Adsense. But the Toughest Job is to How to get an Approved Google Adsense Account ? I will tell you the trick in next post. After getting an approved account simply you need to paste some codes in your blogs to allow the advertisement to show up.

2. Amazon Associates

Amazon provides an Associates program site owners and Bloggers. Amazon also offers a search tool to find the right products and services they can provide and a variety of Ad styles to display on your site or blogs, including both text and banners image ads.
If any item purchased through your amazon links give you a commission. It doesn't require that you have high volume traffic to achieve result.Even the websites with low traffic like 1000 visits per month can also apply for this. The Earning will be issued by check or Bank Deposits.

3. Rakuten LinkShare

If you are not able to do above both methods then i ll recommend you this method for advertising. Rakuten Linkshare is a best place for new bloggers to search for other affiliates for your ads, though their programs can get you customized ad links email links and banner ads.
With this program you will be able to find small companies with specialized brands.With Rakuten's program you can easily earn $150 i know its not a big but something is better than nothing.

4. Company Referral Programs

 Not Only above programs like Displaying ads, Linkshare, Affiliate products you can earn money but you can also earn money through referring any company programs.
It just required that you must have a website or a blog, you can get this program started by emailing companies to ask them for things.

5.  Klout

If you have a large fan following then i will say go for klout. This company tracks your social media usage, determines how big is your fan following and what type of audience you can bring to the subject matters. Using this you can win free items, tickets etc to know more you can check their websites to find the ways of earning free stuffs by doing the thing you already do with your Fans.

6. Ebay / OLX

If you guys have something to sell then Ebay is the best place you need to consider seriously. 
I m not a big fan of this because the work it takes to build up a reputation, if you able to do this then you can earn a lot of money through this Websites, people have gotten rich by Selling books about how they get rich on Ebay, on OLX people sell those products which is not of any use for them anymore.

7. Etsy

If you guys are little bit of crafty means Artistic then you'll enjoy Etsy Handcrafted materials. Plenty of people make money from this site. It is similar like Ebay but the diffrence is it is for Artistic and Crafty peoples. To setup a Sellers account with Etsy you'll be asked to setup a Virtual Store Front and put up at least 5 Goods for Sale.
After this Some people or customers are willing to pay a premium for quality Handmade Design Etsy take a cut off and at last you have to take care of Taxes.

8. LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a social media site for Professionals. This is not a direct way to make money but if will help you connect to your own customers,clients and build a reputation and get in the loop of development in your choose career option.
This is the best place if you have some experience in any field then you just need to update your profile you can get many good and big job offers with the help of LinkedIn.

9. iTunes 

This is worth for those who are a musician, writer,artist pundit, nerd, tech or who can produce or any type of audio video or text worth consuming, you may be able to sell some stuff's in Apple;s Store known as iTunes store. By Selling your work you can earn money and Stand out of others.

10. Freelancer 

Freelancer is a best for only those who have a sound knowledge of their field of work. Then you can guide or help to complete the work for other big companies,individual offering a ample amount of Money that can fill your Pockets.

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