Sunday, 15 June 2014

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How to Use Google Plus for Marketing [ Infographic ]

Do you know There are 150 Million Active users on Google Plus, and 50 percent of Google Plus Users Log In daily. So it's is another Social Network after Facebook you can't Ignore. It's is not so popular like Facebook, Twitter but for Bloggers and Webmasters Google+ is a necessary equipment, as it have a great impact on Search Engine Ranking in a positive way.

How to Use Google Plus for Marketing

What you will learn 

  • How to Use Google plus for Marketing
  • Why Use Google+
  • What Google+ can do for your business
  • Ways to Share on Google+
  • How to Boost Business on Google Plus
  • Why Google+ is best for Search Engine Optimization

Simple ways to use Google plus effectively are :-

1. Authorship :-  It is great way to show who is the person behind the blog to show case on Search Results.

2. Drive Quality Traffic :-  By creating an effective Google+ Profile you can drive traffic by sharing content on your wall and communities.

3. Relationship Marketing :-  By Using Google+ Hangout we can connect with our clients and fans which helps you gain trust.

Here it is 

How to Use Google Plus for Marketing Infographic

How to Use Google Plus for Marketing
At Last Google+ is a tool whether you like it or hate it you have to use it, because it is a Google product
As Google is the most popular and world top ranked site, it will surely help your business by boosting revenue. Even it help you to get organic search results.

Courtesy of: Quick Sprout