We all know that pictures/videos speaks louder than words. So as all the bloggers who post regularly to keep their blog updated require some new content and for that they need to write a lot but the readers or the audience will not be interested any more if you didn't bring them new content.
Where To Get Free Copyright Images For My Blog Posts

Here also Pics plays an important role as many of the blogger do what is they search for the topic on Google and use the pics they find suitable for them but sometimes its's against the policy of some of the websites as the images are right protected by them, But still we use this may cause to loose our website or blog permanently if we didn't read the policy before or use any right protected images for our own.

So the problem is how to get the images if all are Right protected ?

Here is the answer in such scenario some of the site provides free images which acts as boon to bloggers blogs they allow to use pics as our own.

Read Below which site provides what Facility : -


Organisation Creative commons has made advertising easy and creative work of Joy.Many Users on Flickr allow the general users to use their images under the the law of Creative Commons. To search images on Flickr you can visit individual Category. There are some restrictions like we can't edit , share or copy or redistribute it . I recommended  you to read terms and Condition before use.

2.Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia is a part of Wikipedia only it also an image repository. It uses the same technology as Wikipedia use's that any user can edit content, even it also have some advantage like it allow uploading images, videos and audio clips. Media file of any type any language can be uploaded so it has a huge collection. 

Therefore Wikimedia offers bloggers Freshness and unique content.

3.Morgue Files

Morgue Files is a great place to find images for bloggers you can also share your own content  with others. Morgue Files offer high resolution stock images which are absolutely free. There is one condition that we cannot claim it as our own.
Website designers and other bloggers need not to worry as all the images are mandatory free so there will be no copyright issues.

4.Stock Vault

Stock Vault is a hub and depository of images. It also uses the same concept like " You Upload for Your's " means the users only upload the images and provide you it for free.
Stock vault is blogger paradise for those who are running blog on Educational niche and IT related articles. 
Advantage of Stock vault it that not it only offer images which can be used in articles only but it also offers those images which you can use for Web Layout, Designs, logo Designs etc.


SXC is a website of it's own kind.It offers images from around the world created by illustrator, Photographers and designers around the world. We only had to is browse from 100 to 1000 images. You can even use this images for Commercial Purpose.

Give it a try you will enjoy them, If you have any problem or issue related to article then you can ask in comments or can mail me anytime 24 X 7..