This is so simple You can Build your audience and Create back-links in one minute without spending any Dollars.
Today i will share this article with you.
It will only work if and only if you know copy pasting.

Things You will Learn In this Post :- 

>> How to Get Backlinks Automatically
>> How to Increase Traffic on Your Blog
>> Tricks to Improve your Content

It is 100% free.

As the Internet has vast covering people not get some new post to to write so what they do is just copy and paste the content.
Copy Pasting

Even you want to share my content with any other via mail or any other way what you will do is you will copy and paste.

In last month my traffic was around 10105 page views from which my content was copied 40 times.
But it's not working to increase blog ranking and traffic why because they are not giving a link back if they are copying or sharing your article.

So your question will be How to Harness the power of most powerful sharing tool ?

Now here is the trick i am gonna introduced to you guyz

TYNT which will do all your work to increase traffic and backlinks.
Tynt is a free service which will harness the power of Copy and pasting for all. It track all the copy pasting of your content and provide a detailed view.

Features of Tynt :-

  • Track no. of new backlinks created
  • Track no. of copied content
  • Add social media Sharing button pop up
  • Tracks traffic coming from copy pasting

How does it works ?

 someone copy and paste your article it will automatically paste a link to your post which helps in 1. Create a Backlinks 2. Whoever read that copied link will come and visit your Blog.

Just you have to do is log in in TYNT and then copy and paste the code you get after log in and here its ready now you will see increase in your traffic.

If you have any problem you faced in performing the action you can ask in comments or mail me. If you like this article then do Share and keep visiting us.