Many of us buy new SIM card, but sometimes it takes a lot of time to get activate for our use. We get irritated if it not get activate, Many times we have to visit the Retailer Shop from where we had bought the SIM card to tell him to activate it. 
How Do I Activate A New Sim Card Instantly

But from now you can do it for your own, you can activate it yourself, by the way you will be thinking How Long it will take to Activate a SIM card but this trick will help you activate instantly as you insert the SIM into cell.

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Follow this Simple steps :- 

>> First of all insert the Simcard in to cell and Switch on the cell.

>> Then Secondly when you had bought the new sim card you got 2-3 papers in which you have fill the details leaving that there will be another page with sim card in which you will find the Phone number of Sim card and a serial number below the phone no. like this, which is generally written as SR No.
How Do I Activate A New Sim Card Instantly

>> To Activate it Instantly Switch on the cell Phone and Dial the Serial No. 2 Times 

That's So simple you have activated it manually and yourself only.

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