Its Now became very easy to create a Website or a blog with a superb quality content. But there will be no Importance of this quality content if you don't have audience to Consume that Quality. Even you can design the most beautiful website but the point which is more important is Audience or i say Traffic.

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I have Top 10 Trending way that will help you Engage more Traffic to a Website.
Increase Traffic to your Blog

1. Focus On Organic Search

The Traffic from Organic search is the traffic which you get free of Cost. People Search your blog from Various search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Everyone wants to get as much as organic traffic but it easy to say but require a Hard Efforts to be done.
To get more organic traffic many bloggers try to learn Organic Search Engine Marketing, But it's not required if you know about SEO. 
For your website to be appeared on Search Engines try to create more backlinks, Create Keyword Enriched content and Social media gathering. 

2. Do Email Sending

This is the Old technique but very effective many doesn't use this now a days, because they think Social Media brings more traffic then this, in actual its right but Email Sending brings you regular customers.
So try as many email send you can do, there are many website which provide Email Subscriptions but the one you can get free of cost is RSS Feedburner Email Subscription widget.
I will right soon about : How to Send Mass Email.

3. Spin Your Blog

For this you need to build good contact with authors of popular News website or Blog and create a Amazing and unique article about it and Request them to do post this will bring you the traffic of that blog on your Website.

4.Pay Particular attention on Competitors

Get on Some search engine and Find some blogs or website about your niche and pay particular attention on their blog and take active part in their blog which will bring trust on you. at last you will find a way to get their traffic to your blog.

5. Social Networks

Their are many Social networks platform which will bring a huge amount of traffic that you can never imagine. Even i Got 10000 view on one Post through Facebook only that post was How a Facebook Fan Page WhatsApp Confessions get 450k+ Likes
There are many Social Network Management Tools you can use to manage your social accounts.

6. Unite Blogs and Sites

If you know several blogs and sites with similar topic which are quite popular write a post about them which will increase your traffic by providing reference.You can find good blogs and site and provide them profitable offers.

7. Involve other People

It is quite surprising that Why other people will involve in engaging traffic for your blog.
I have an Example which is currently going on i.e of which is own by Imran Uddin, he has organized a contest of a giveaway in which other people had got engaged in sharing that because the only person who will win this will be the one who has shared it most. So to win that people get engaged in it.

8. Organize Contests

Contests are the best and perfect way to attract the interest of audience this has already be proven.
Do you know Why they get Engaged a lot answer was in the above point only.

9. Make Up a Group or Organization

As you know from ancient time Humans are the most social animal in this planet.So you need not to make huge efforts in this as social media are on high today so it is easy to find people of same interests.Share , teach something important and debate to increase participants as well as traffic.

10. Try to be the Best

If you are best in certain field than chances are that people will go crazy. To be a great professional then you need to choose a topic in which you have a sound knowledge which will engage others to bring more traffic to your blog regularly.


  1. This is definitely going to come in handy especially for a blogger like me! Great post! :)

    1. Thanks Jason For your Comments here

  2. this are great tips! optimizing your blog with all of these could only mean success >:D

    1. And Success is the Key to Make your Dreams true

  3. I mostly focused on the social network part because it is the easiest thing to do. :)

    1. But you should also Focus on SEO so that you get constant traffic

  4. Your have a good points on that. I just want to add this "Write what readers want". It will build a relationship between blog author and readers. Readers will likely to visit again your blog.

    It's a good article about how to drive more traffic to your blog too:

    1. Ya Joren You should write content that your reader loves which will help you drive a viral traffic :-d

  5. Having email subscribers can really help your site in boosting post and generating traffic.

    1. Hi France Getting Email Subscriber is the best way to drive traffic even if you hit by any Google penalty

  6. I'm doing some of your pointers, but not the email thing, it's very tiresome.

  7. Appreciate all the advise and tips in getting more traffic. Took note of some of them and will prioritize based on what I can do. Would love to do all of them at the same time but just not possible so one at a time would be a better approach.

  8. This is a very helpful post. I never strategize really, and just post whatever I want. Haha