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After The Deal Of $19 Billion of WhatsApp with Facebook. I think Facebook made some changes in the popular app with the employees of WhatsApp Employees.

But During this process WhatsApp had suffered some major problems you know already listed those problem in

WhatsApp is not Working Properly Why ?

So the Problem behind this reason is, WhatsApp finally added a new feature which disable the "Last seen" time stamp on Android Smartphones too, However this feature has been available for only iPhone's users from a Long Time and many of us don knew it. Now this features has been enabled for Android users from now after this update.

How to Hide My Online Status On WhatsApp

Now you can avoid those creepy moments, when your friends says "you was online but didn't replied so mean you are" you can enjoy.

1. First of all you need that your WhatsApp run on Android 2.1 or Newer Version.

2. Now go to the WhatsApp Official Website and Download the Latest Update of WhatsApp version 2.11.169 from .
3. Now Go to the Setting menu and then Enable the "Install Apps From Unknown Source".

Reason behind this is As this new featured App is not available on Google Playstore until now.

4. As soon as you download this apk file install it on your device .

5. You will see a message saying that this application want to make changes to WhatsApp app intalled, Allow it to make changes to app.

6. Now your WhatsApp has been Updated with the newer version. 
Now main steps 
           Select Setting → Account → Privacy.
You will see Three Options "Last Seen, Profile Picture, Status".

How to Hide My Online Status On WhatsApp

Select Last Seen you will again find three options- Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody.

Note:- As soon as you disallow others from seeing your "Last Seen" Time Stamp you will also not allowed to view theirs.